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One of a kind Pennywise doll now up for auction!

OOAK Pennywise doll

Followers of my Facebook Page  will know that I have been working on my own version of Pennywise the Dancing Clown from the 2017 Version of Stephen King’s IT since I watched the movie for the first time last year.

He is now ready, and up for auction!  You can place your bids here:

Pennywise started life as a run of the mill clown doll until I gave him my signature twist of my Abandoned Toys.


He now has a latex face and a hand-stitched outfit. He is truly one of a kind and I’m going to find it hard to let go!

IT dollPennywise dollStephen King ITPennywise doll

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Rant: E-Waste recycling, or the lack of it

My 9 to 5 day job is in HR for a large company. Now, said company are upgrading some of their systems.
Me being me, I saw an opportunity to buy some older PCs for next to nothing, which I would salvage for parts and cases for later projects. So off I go to speak to the person in charge about the PCs.

To my absolute shock I was told no, the PCs are off to be destroyed because of Data Protection!!
Now obviously within my role I understand the key importance of the Data Protection Act, however, what I don’t understand is why companies feel that the whole PC needs to be scrapped…How Wasteful!

Nearly 99% of the PC can be reused without infringing upon data protection (literally remove the old hard drive and take a hammer and chisel to it!). Now don’t get me wrong, I am not annoyed that I was told no to buying the PCs, what annoys me is that perfectly good components are being sent to landfill for no reason.

Anyways enough of my rants for this week I can hear Luke calling me from the workshop!!

Keep your eye out for the next project soon to be posted!!

Take care little devils

Green Jnr

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Voodoo dolls

Evening all  I went a bit mad this weekend and used up some of my scrap fabrics to make these little Voodoo doll guys 💀
What do you think?
I had so much fun making them, and it saves on waste too! Can’t wait to make some more! They’re for sale on my Etsy page for £13 each

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I was pointed towards a new page this week by a work colleague. There’s a local guy that takes animal skulls and applies decoupage to them to create beautiful works of art. Some of them look like they are made from porcelain, it gives a whole new meaning to bone china. Beautiful. Check out his facebook page here:


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#ThriftFest 2016

This weekend we popped along to check out the Festival of Thrift in Redcar. What an amazing event! Over 120 stalls, entertainment, workshops & events running all day. I’d highly recommend it.

It was fantastic to see so many people there, all with an appreciation of upcycling and sustainability. Harry and I spoke to many of the stall holders, all lovely people with great individual styles. We saw reinvented furniture, altered clothes, cigarbox guitars (yes, Harry had to have one of those!) and even some great art installations. Kudos to the organisers, we were walking round like kiddies at Disneyland!

And to top it all off I got to meet one of my idols, Mr Max McMurdo of Reestore. What a lovely guy he was, I could have chewed his ear off with upcycle talk but the poor guy was hungry so I let him go for lunch. Not before getting a signed copy of his #Upcycling book though (give it a read, it’s great!)

We were so impressed, I’ve enquired about having a stall there ourselves next year. Come and find us! I’ll post an update nearer the time.

Festival of Thrift

Max McMurdo – Reestore

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Chair with seat woven from upcycled belts

Here’s a new technique I tried out. I found a chair that was missing a seat and I was considering making a wooden seat with upholstered cushion. Then I had the idea to weave a seat instead.

Belts made a perfect medium for this project. Not only are they strong and durable, they’re the perfect size to weave around a chair seat. I made this without cutting one belt. All of the belts are also woven underneath the seat and buckled together. This way, if any of the belts need replacing over time, it’s really easy to do so, without any tools at all!

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Valentino – Creepy OOAK Teddy Bear – Abandoned Toys

Initially bought as a valentine’s gift, all this poor bear knew was love and affection. Sadly, relationships don’t always pass the test of time and Valentino was one of the first casualties. Tossed in the trash during a lovers’ quarrel his little cotton heart broke, and so did his mind. He quickly became feral and now roams the streets in a crazed desperation to find love once more.

Valentino has a mouth and claws sculpted from epoxy clay, which is set hard like plastic.

All of our Abandoned Toys are created from discarded toys and parts destined for landfill and are cleaned thoroughly before customisation.

Can you give him a new home and help him find happiness again?

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Beatrix – Creepy OOAK Doll – Abandoned Toys

Laying broken in a pile of doll limbs Beatrix knew her days of childhood play were over. Summoning all her strength she could muster, she dragged her broken torso over to the headless remains of a Barbie doll. She had found her new body. After performing a very successful head-swap surgery on herself, she wandered off into the wilderness in search of a better life.

This doll is fully pose-able with opening and closing eyes. Can you give her a new home and help her find happiness again?