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Valentino – Creepy OOAK Teddy Bear – Abandoned Toys

Initially bought as a valentine’s gift, all this poor bear knew was love and affection. Sadly, relationships don’t always pass the test of time and Valentino was one of the first casualties. Tossed in the trash during a lovers’ quarrel his little cotton heart broke, and so did his mind. He quickly became feral and now roams the streets in a crazed desperation to find love once more.

Valentino has a mouth and claws sculpted from epoxy clay, which is set hard like plastic.

All of our Abandoned Toys are created from discarded toys and parts destined for landfill and are cleaned thoroughly before customisation.

Can you give him a new home and help him find happiness again?

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Beatrix – Creepy OOAK Doll – Abandoned Toys

Laying broken in a pile of doll limbs Beatrix knew her days of childhood play were over. Summoning all her strength she could muster, she dragged her broken torso over to the headless remains of a Barbie doll. She had found her new body. After performing a very successful head-swap surgery on herself, she wandered off into the wilderness in search of a better life.

This doll is fully pose-able with opening and closing eyes. Can you give her a new home and help her find happiness again?

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TUTORIAL – Mad March Hare: Green Devil Abandoned Toys

I found this toy rabbit after the flea market. It was really badly made, all of the features were glued on and it was stuffed with polystyrene! Horrible stuff. Had to make sure not to get it everywhere when I destuffed it.

Here he is before the transformation, with another toy I found the same day:

I stuck the skin through the washing machine and it gave it a really cool distressed look, all the fur matted together in clumps. I tried to dye it blue, but the fur is a high polyester blend so it didn’t really take, it just dulled down the bright pink and yellow nicely.

I’ve been wanting to sculpt an entire face for a while. I used Milliput 2 part epoxy clay to sculpt with and added resin teeth that I found on ebay. My mailman must get worried sometimes haha.

I added a metal loop into the back of the features to sew them onto the face, then I used superglue to make them lay flatter and blend in more.

I added some applique card suits before I sewed him back up, and sewed some pipecleaners into his ears to make them pose-able and stand up.

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Abandoned Toys

I regularly find discarded dolls and teddy bears, most often after going unsold at a car boot sale. I always pick them up and after a while I had a growing collection. Rather than stripping them apart for salvage, like I do with other finds (like bags & shoes), I began to contemplate what would have become of these Abandoned Toys and imagined them walking the streets and adapting to survive their new habitat. How would these innocent playthings cope out on the streets? What would they need to change about themselves in order to face this new cold harsh world?


You can see my toys for sale below:
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I’m a Green Devil, are you?

I have always been a believer in making the best of what you have and trying to give things a new purpose before discarding them. This is why the majority of the materials I use are repurposed. We live in such a throwaway culture, so many useful and beautiful materials end up in landfill when they are no longer needed. Salvaged material really makes for some great one of a kind pieces. 

I started this blog to share my inspirations of the world of upcycling and also to document my journey as I delve deeper into the world of sustainability.