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Fenrir the Werebear

Hey guys, I have a new Abandoned Toy for you Smiley Meet Fenrir the Werebear.

I saw a Wolfman costume going cheap at the boot sale so I had to snap it up. I had the perfect bear at home ready for a transformation.  Grin

I started by cutting up the mask and glueing/sewing sections onto the bear’s face. I love hand sewing fur because it hides all your messy stitches so there is no need to be neat Smiley

Next came the hands (gloves from the costume)

Then I sewed on more fur to give him a mid-transformation look and gave him a nice distressed paint job.

Et voila! He’s finished. I had soooo much fun working on him. I’ve started looking for more Halloween masks to use in my projects, so watch this space for more monstrosities coming soon.